New product - BVL150 Automatic valve bags sealer

The latest innovation in the field of automatic valve bags sealer is represented by our BVL150.

This system is specifically designed for valve bags sealing process through a self-adhesive label, which has a protection function of bag’s valve, in particular in the case of farinaceous or granular product processing.

BVL 150 - Automatic valve bag sealer

How does the sealing
process work?

The polypropylene film reels produce the label, which is applied on the upper corner of the processed bag. This application serves as a protection of the filling valve of the bag. In fact, this sealing enables to avoid the accidental introduction of foreign bodies during the production process, as well as the outflow of the product and counterfeiting.

What are the advantages of BVL150?

  • Self-adhesive labelling system through PHF, which is an adhesive material specifically engineered for the application of adhesive labels of valve bags;
  • Sealing and protection function of bag’s valve;
  • Protection cap which protects the system from dusty environment
  • Steel structure with anti-oxidant treatment
  • Wide range of bags available for processing
  • Long working autonomy (reels of 900m), which avoid production stops and enable cost optimization
  • High production speed: up to 20 labels/min

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New product -Automatic valve bagging system BVG600

The latest innovation in the field of automatic valve bagging systems is represented by our BVG600. This system is characterized by a robust structure, designed with innovative materials that ensure a completely automatized process.

This system
is specially designed for the processing of free-flowing products or granular
products such as: PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, salt etc.

Like all BagAutomation
systems, BGV also guarantees reliability, low maintenance levels, rapid ROI.

If we analyse BVG600
characteristics more in detail, the most important ones are:

  • High
    production levels, up to 700 bags/hour, with two filling nozzles;
  • One
    automatic bag placer for two filling nozzles powered by brushless motor;
  • High
    capacity bag storage, which enable longer production sessions without
  • Every bag
    is opened and checked through a completely automatic process, thus avoiding
    product waste;
  • Bag
    opening control system;
  • Automatic
    bag filling control system;
  • High
    dosing precision thanks to net weight weigher BB44 controlled through brushless

Our system guarantees
bag processing from a minimum of 5kg to a maximum of 50kg.


The BVG600 is composed
by the following parts:

  • High
    capacity storage;
  • Automatic
    bag opening system;
  • Robot arm
    for bag positioning;
  • Filling
    system through nozzle equipped with automatic filling control system;
  • Bag
    automatic bag tip-over mechanism;
  • Steel
    nozzle to ease the automatic introduction of the bag and the air vent during
    the filling process.

As additional equipment, it is possible to add an automatic sealing system of the bag valve, to avoid product leakage and counterfeiting. Finally, like every our BagAutomation product, also BVG600 is built and tested in conformity with Community n. 89/336, 89/392/CEE, 93/44/CEE, 73/23/CEE, 93/68/CEE, EN292/1, EN292/2, EN294, EN349, EN418, EB60204-1. Certification MID MI-06.

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Investing in innovation – Fully auto bagging machines for “open mouth” premade bags with ATEX certification

This year, at the traditional international appointment of AllPack exhibition in Jakarta, we will present the latest innovation in our product portfolio: our new fully auto bagging machines for “open mouth” premade bags. Available in two versions:

  • BFO 400 EX, gross weight up to 400 bags/h
  • BFO 600 EX, net weight up to 600 bags/h.

What is ATEX certification, and why is it so important
in our sector?

The acronym “ATEX” stands for “ATmosphere EXplosive”. An atmosphere explosive is basically a mixture of different flammable substances in gaseous state, steams and fogs or combustibles in dusty state which, under certain conditions, with an ignition, a possible combustion propagates until it reaches the flammable substance. This certification is used to prevent the risk of explosion related to the processing of dusty material which, under some conditions (ex. high levels of oxygen), can cause fires. Consequently, our company committed herself to propose weighing and bagging solution with ATEX certification for zone, 20/21 internal 22 external.

What are the materials involved in this certification?

ATEX certification is an essential element in the processing of the following materials: cereals, wheats, legumes, fodders, milk powders, sugar and flammable chemical powders. All these materials can represent a significant risk of the creation of explosive atmosphere, particularly in their processing during the industrial productive cycle.

BFO 400 - 600 EX

How is ATEX certification achieved?

Every certification is reached after a deep risk analysis from our technical staff, which tests every single item of the machine, as well as the specific characteristics of the products that will be processed. Our detail-oriented approach makes us committed to analyse every element, in order to minimise the risk of fire and explosion. Furthermore, every step of the production process is constantly monitored from our sensors, that will avoid the creation of mixtures of dust cloud and oxygen during the producing process.

Why choose us?

Because we are one of the few international companies able to design and produce ATEX certified machines completely customized, engineered on the basis of the product that will be processed in your company. Every single product in our portfolio is completely customer-based, so every certification perfectly fits the product processed, without resulting superior or inadequate to certification requirements, thus avoiding additional costs to our clients.

Stay safe with BagAutomation!

Allpack 2019 30 October - 2 November 2019 STAND DE003 - Hall D1&D2

From the 30th October to the 2nd November 2019,
BagAutomation staff will be pleased to present the latest innovations in packing and filling systems at our Stand DE003- Hall D1 & D2 at AllPack, that will take place in Jakarta - Indonesia.

During the Exhibition our staff will be pleased to share all information about our High Accuracy Weighing and Bagging Systems.

In this occasion, we will present our latest fully auto bagging machines for "open mouth" premade bags, for dust and grains. Available in standard version or in Atex certified version.

If you need additional information about the event and how to reach it, click in the following link: