BFG400CV tubular FFS for powders

Clean environment is mandatory for powder bagging.
Our new BFG400CV tubular film bagging, with bottom UP filling, is the definitive solution for all the applications in the food and chemical powdery production sites.

BFO600-PF Fully Auto Bagging Machine for Pet Foods.

In the field of PET FOOD packaging, many companies struggle to find a solution able to pack different type of bags with a wide range of weights.

The definitive solution is our versatile BFO600-PF machine, designed to handle all types of open mouth pre-made bags


How does the bagging process work?

The bags are initially filled, then moved to an "air removal" station used to compact the bag, and then to the sealing station. This bag closing process is done using a rotary sealer, that can handle any kind of bag closure:

  • ZIP type bags;
  • VELCRO type bags;
  • APLIX type bags;
  • Stand-up bags;
  • Normal pillow PE bags;

The wide range of bag weights from 5kg to 25kg ensure high productivity with an outstanding accuracy of +/- 10g.

Think accurate, think BagAutomation!

Selamat Datang di Keluarga. BagAutomation Land in Indonesia

A new and important step in the BagAutomation history is the opening of our Direct Sales and Service center in Indonesia. The new manager Rinaldo Krisna has a long experience with bagging and weighing machines and field applications. Welcome on board Rinaldo !!!

Sebuah langkah Baru dan penting baru saja dilakukan oleh BagAutomation Sebagai Perusahaan yg fokus dalam pengembangan technology khususnya “weigher “ / timbangan dan packaging/ pengemasan untuk bulk solid product.

Di Awal Januari 2021 BagAutomation melakukan terobosan dengan membuka cabang di Indonesia untuk melebarkan sayap di Sales dan Service, Bergabungnya Rinaldo Krisna sebagai Area Sales dan Service Manager untuk Indonesia Market dengan berbekal pengalaman yang panjang dibidang packaging dan processing akan menambah daya dan dukungan untuk customer/ pengguna BagAutomation di Indonesia serta meningkatkan layanan dari BagAutomation.
Sebagai Motto BagAutomation, “Berpikir tetang akurasi pilihannya ada di mesin BagAutomation“.

NEW DATE !!! Propak Vietnam 2020 - 9, 10, 11 September 2020 - STAND M15 - Ho Chi Min City


From 9 to 11 September 2020,
BagAutomation staff will be pleased to present the latest innovations in packing and filling systems at our Stand M15 at Propak Vietnam, that will take place in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam.

During the Exhibition our staff will be pleased to share all information about our High Accuracy Weighing and Bagging Systems.

In this occasion, we will present our latest fully auto bagging machines for "open mouth" premade bags, for dust and grains. Available in standard version or in Atex certified version.

If you need additional information about the event and how to reach it, click in the following link:


AllPack Indonesia 2018

As usual, BagAutomation will take part of the most important packaging exhibition in Indonesia, AllPack Jakarta.

Give yourself a chance to meet the BagAutomation staff, come to visit us !!!


Important acquisition for the BagAutomation team

A new and important acquisition in the BagAutomation team is the top scorer Pareschi, well known as the "Maradona of the weighing machines". Welcome on board Nicola.