In the field of PET FOOD packaging, many companies struggle to find a solution able to pack different type of bags with a wide range of weights.

The definitive solution is our versatile BFO600-PF machine, designed to handle all types of open mouth pre-made bags


How does the bagging process work?

The bags are initially filled, then moved to an “air removal” station used to compact the bag, and then to the sealing station. This bag closing process is done using a rotary sealer, that can handle any kind of bag closure:

  • ZIP type bags;
  • VELCRO type bags;
  • APLIX type bags;
  • Stand-up bags;
  • Normal pillow PE bags;

The wide range of bag weights from 5kg to 25kg ensure high productivity with an outstanding accuracy of +/- 10g.

Think accurate, think BagAutomation!