BagAutomation s.r.l. is an innovative, Italian company with modern technical departments, equipped with a specialized staff with more than 25 years of experience in the dosing weigher and bagging field.

The success of the company is our philosophy: always provide maximum accuracy and efficient systems with the best ROI for satisfied our customers.

Made in Italy

BagAutomation means Made In Italy, we don’t assemble pieces manufactured abroad: each step, from the design of the product to the test of acceptance before the shipping, takes place in Italy, with Italian know-how.

BagAutomation guarantees accuracy, reliability and high performance systems.

Research & Development

Research and Innovation have always been BagAutomation’s work philosophy and guarantee high quality and high performance products together with productivity solutions. BagAutomation provides to the customers products and know -how. A team of qualified engineers is available to our customers to solve specific problems, our range of systems are continuously updated and developed thanks to the experience acquired directly at customer’s worksites. Our engineers use the latest technologies to ride the top of perfomances and best of quality.