The latest innovation in the field of automatic valve bagging systems is represented by our BVG600. This system is characterized by a robust structure, designed with innovative materials that ensure a completely automatized process.

This system is specially designed for the processing of free-flowing products or granular products such as: PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, salt etc.

Like all BagAutomation systems, BGV also guarantees reliability, low maintenance levels, rapid ROI.

If we analyse BVG600 characteristics more in detail, the most important ones are:

  • High production levels, up to 700 bags/hour, with two filling nozzles;
  • One automatic bag placer for two filling nozzles powered by brushless motor;
  • High capacity bag storage, which enable longer production sessions without interruptions;
  • Every bag is opened and checked through a completely automatic process, thus avoiding product waste;
  • Bag opening control system;
  • Automatic bag filling control system;
  • High dosing precision thanks to net weight weigher BB44 controlled through brushless motor.

Our system guarantees bag processing from a minimum of 5kg to a maximum of 50kg.


The BVG600 is composed by the following parts:

  • High capacity storage;
  • Automatic bag opening system;
  • Robot arm for bag positioning;
  • Filling system through nozzle equipped with automatic filling control system;
  • Bag automatic bag tip-over mechanism;
  • Steel nozzle to ease the automatic introduction of the bag and the air vent during the filling process.

As additional equipment, it is possible to add an automatic sealing system of the bag valve, to avoid product leakage and counterfeiting. Finally, like every our BagAutomation product, also BVG600 is built and tested in conformity with Community n. 89/336, 89/392/CEE, 93/44/CEE, 73/23/CEE, 93/68/CEE, EN292/1, EN292/2, EN294, EN349, EN418, EB60204-1. Certification MID MI-06.

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