For those companies that need large quantities filling requirements, the best solution is our Big Bag filling system BBU20. This Big Bag system has been designed for the processing of various kinds of products. It is componed of four fixed hooks, which are mounted on bars that ease the worker
to attach the bag loops.

Vertical cart for big bags hooking

Moreover , this system is equipped with pneumatic filling mouth, with double
sensors for closing and fueling sleeve. Big bag
handling can be done through an hydraulic system
in the from above .


Our BBU20 Big Bag Fillinng System has many different advantages:

  1. Versatility of use, both in terms of raw materials processed and in terms of filling method;
  2. High precision;
  3. High load capacity, up to 2000 kg;
  4. High choice of additional components, such as free flowing metal detector and dust extraction system.

Free flowing metal detector with metal rejecting unit

Click to the following link to learn more about our Big Bag Filling System BBU20 and download the PDF data sheet!

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