The latest innovation in the field of automatic valve bags sealer is represented by our BVL150.

This system is specifically designed for valve bags sealing process through a self-adhesive label, which has a protection function of bag’s valve, in particular in the case of farinaceous or granular product processing.

BVL 150 – Automatic valve bag sealer

How does the sealing process work?

The polypropylene film reels produce the label, which is applied on the upper corner of the processed bag. This application serves as a protection of the filling valve of the bag. In fact, this sealing enables to avoid the accidental introduction of foreign bodies during the production process, as well as the outflow of the product and counterfeiting.

What are the advantages of BVL150?

  • Self-adhesive labelling system through PHF, which is an adhesive material specifically engineered for the application of adhesive labels of valve bags;
  • Sealing and protection function of bag’s valve;
  • Protection cap which protects the system from dusty environment
  • Steel structure with anti-oxidant treatment
  • Wide range of bags available for processing
  • Long working autonomy (reels of 900m), which avoid production stops and enable cost optimization
  • High production speed: up to 20 labels/min

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