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If you’re reading this article, probably, you’re interested in the packaging systems.
BagAutomation s.r.l. is an Italian company devoted to the development and production of high quality and performing dosing and bagging systems.

Would you like an accurate, performing and state-of-the-art system?
BagAutomation can provide it!

The whole range of weighing and bagging systems are completely made in Italy, from the single items to complete lines.
We ensure high accuracy and very efficient machineries thanks to our weighing electronic board, Weitronik5.
Our products require low cost maintenance, thanks to the simple design.
We ensure the best ROI for our customers.
Our weighing and bagging systems are user friendly, controlled by a simple colour, touch screen panel.

Do you think that all this isn’t enough?!
A team of qualified engineers is available to our customers to solve specific problems and to design custom products. We use the latest technologies to communicate with you, so we can ensure an immediate assistance for trouble shooting and removing plant downtime.

Come in the accuracy world and discover the BagAutomation’s products!