The BFO400-600EX bagging machine comes from the evolution of the latest bagging technology applied to open mouth premade bags. Heavy duty conception and construction, with the most advanced materials for a fully automatic processing.

The most important qualities of the system are:

  1. Fully ATEX certified Zone 22 (Zone 21 Optional)
  2. Maximum reliability
  3. Minimum maintenance timing
  4. Fast ROI

The acronym “ATEX” stands for ATmosphere EXplosive. This certification is used to prevent the risk of explosion related to the processing of dusty material which, under some conditions (ex. high levels of oxygen), can cause fires. Consequently, our company committed herself to propose weighing and bagging solution with ATEX certification for zone, 20/21 internal 22 external.

The unit can be equipped with: Automatic ticket inserter ( patented by BagAutomation s.r.l.), advanced remote control, gross weighing, advanced remote control.


BagAutomation s.r.l. is a innovative young company with a specialized staff with twenty (20) years of experience in the weighing, bagging and palletizing fields.


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