The BVL150 automatic bag sealing machine, comes from the evolution of the latest sealing technology applied to valve bags. Heavy duty conception and construction, with the most advanced materials for a fully automatic processing.

The most important qualities of the system are:

  1. Sealing for product protection and counterfeiting;
  2. Sealing length programmable;
  3. Big reel storage for longer operations;
  4. Wide range of sealable bag types;
  5. High production performances (up to 20 labels/min);
  6. Self-adhesive labelling system through PHF, which is an adhesive material specifically engineered for the application of adhesive labels of valve bags.


BagAutomation s.r.l. is a innovative young company with a specialized staff with twenty (20) years of experience in the weighing, bagging and palletizing fields.


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