sistema di riempimento big bag BBU30

The BBU30 Big Bag filling system has been specifically designed for the processing of many different products. The system is equipped with a weigher in its upper part, trough estentimetric load cells. The loading of this system has been developed in order to be combined with various kinds of  feedings: gravity, screw, conveyor and vibratory, offering a great deal of flexibility and product handling capabilities. The system is composed by 4 articulated suspension hooks mounted on bars, that ease the worker to attach the bag loops and enable to unload the big bag automatically. Moreover, this system is equipped with pneumatic filling mouth, with double sensors for closing and  fueling sleeve. This system can be supplemented with a roller conveyor.

  1. Free flowing metal detector
  2. Inflation system
  3. Dust extraction system
  4. Product vibration and compacting system
  5. Pantograph hydraulic platform for Big bag release
  6. Pallet automatic warehouse
  7. Roller or conveyor handling systems


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