BPP400 Palletizer

Pallettizzatore Depallettizzatore compatto BPP400

BPP 400 is a 4-axis palletizer consisting of a single block portal structure with a translating carriage and a telescopic gripper arm; it is built to meet the needs of palletizing in confined spaces.

BPP 400 can work on multiple palletizing or depalletizing lines at the same time, using a gripper for single or multiple product picking, to guarantee the required potential and satisfy multiple layout needs.

Palletizing schemes are created via the touch screen operating panel; the work programs can be modified and created with extreme ease by the operator.

The grippers available are:

  • Clamp for bags up to 50kg
  • Clamp for boxes up to 20kg
  • Multipurpose suction cup gripper

An integrated Ethernet port allows remote connection via web-server for troubleshooting or data collection for statistical purposes.

Remote Assistance


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