controllo peso industriale, controllo peso delle confezioni- controllo livelli di riempimento

Our BCK14 represents the latest innovation in the field of dynamic check weighers. This system has been specifically designed for the implementation on production lines for packaging dynamic check weighing (bags, boxes, bottles etc.), with the possibility to discard excess or defect weights. Furthermore, this system can be set for different weight classes. The BCK14 can be available in different versions and with two or three belts.

This system is composed of the following elements:

  1. Prefeeding belt, that enables to achieve speed stability during the loading of the package on the weigher station;
  2. Dynamic check weigher station, composed of a belt mounted on a load cell;
  3. Output belt, with electropneumatic or air jet ejection system, activated by the electronic control equipment.

Every belt is powered by a DC motor driven by a dedicated controller with the possibility of speed control. The controlled belt is mounted on a extensimetric load cell (in conformity with MID directive), equipped with overload protections and photocells that catch the presence of the package on the weighing belt.

Main advantages of our BCK14:

  1. High production performances: up to 200 packs/min;
  2. High flexibility of the system: the versatility of BCK14 enables to ensure a high-precision weighing system in any kind of productive environment, that can be ecompletely customized with different belts and different handling options;
  3. Fast ROI, the BCK14 enables to avoid product waste and production stops. Moreover, the high quality materials enable to avoid additional maintenance costs.


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