Our linear weigher BF12D represents the latest evolution in the field of weighing systems. Our system has a robust structure, composed by the following elements:

  1. Two separated vibrating feeders dosing systems;
  2. Two electropneumatic baskets for weighing;
  3. A microprocessor Weitronik5 model, with touchscreen and with a user-friendly interface.

This linear weigher has been specifically designed for the weighing and dosing of micro components that make up of the ingredients of the finished product.

Our BF12D has many different advantages:

  1. high precision levels (guaranteed by product intercepting system);
  2. removable baskets that ease the cleaning process;
  3. and the possibility to process different products at the same time, with single or multiple unloading.


BagAutomation s.r.l. is a innovative young company with a specialized staff with twenty (20) years of experience in the weighing, bagging and palletizing fields.


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