The electronic weighing board Weitronik5 is the latest generation product suitable for all the dynamic dosing systems. The high accuracy at high speed, makes this unic product an excellence in the electronic dosing panorama. The core is powerfull ARM processor able to handle 60 millions operations per second, and two powerfull 24bit A/D converters for the load cells.

A very unique dynamic filter is able to cut all the influences caused by environment vibrations, to get only the real weight.

Normally the controller is installed directly on the weighing system, while the touch screen can be remotely installed nearby the operator. Touch screen is a color 7″ wide screen, able to transmit all the statistical data, histograms, alarms, X/R charts, etc…

Touch screen Weitronik5

An integrated Ethernet port let the possibility to remotely connect via an integrated web-server for troubleshooting or data collection.

Remote Assistance

The MID MI-006 certification of our Weitronik5 controller, makes the product fully compliant with international metrological regulations.

MID Certificate UK/0126/1093


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